Framed full or half overlay, framed inset and framed beaded inset cabinetry. Framed construction incorporates a solid wood frame as the front member of the cabinet. The frame provides some rigidity to the cabinet case. Framed cabinets have a larger reveal from door to door. This is necessary due to the minimum reveal the hinge must have in order to rotate open.


Frameless cabinets are exactly as their construction name implies. All frameless cabinets are built with 3⁄4” thick material. Instead of a solid wood frame, Shamrock’s frameless incorporates a solid wood edgeband along the front edges of the box. Edgeband “tape” is also utilized, but primarily only when a special material is requested. (Laminates, Acrylics, Printed Veneers, etc.) In this construction, the cabinet interior openings are wider than framed cabinet openings, maximizing the storage area. Regarding the exterior “look”, frameless hinges have much tighter reveals between the doors, achieving a smoother appearance.